Some useful resources for learning Arabic & The Holy Qur’an:
  • Class Notes – These notes cover many different topics of the Arabic language and are written for students whose mother tongue is not Arabic.
  • Arabic Keyboard Setup – Typing Arabic is easier than you think. These simple steps will show you how to set up the Arabic keyboard on your computer.
  • Arabic Keyboard Layout – How do I find which Arabic alphabet is on which key on the keyboard. This Arabic keyboard layout provides a visual map of Arabic alphabets and the respective keys.
  • Arabic Fonts – Did you know some of the best Arabic fonts are free for non-commercial use. You’ll find some of those here.
  • Arabic Writing Worksheet – For those who haven’t written Arabic, writing is an important aspect of learning the language. This simple worksheet will help you master the Arabic writing.
  • Madinah Books Index. Without an index, searching through the Madinah Books for specific topics was always a challenge. This index fills that long standing gap and you will find it very useful, إن شاء الله
  • Surat-ul-Kahf Vocabulary Practice – A big collection of words from verses 1-10 of Surat-ul-Kahf for vocabulary practice.
  • Madinah Books Vocabulary – A big collection of words from Madinah Books are collected in these files. You can use the slideshow as flashcards to practice memorization.
  • Forms of Verb Worksheet – Use these worksheets to practice the augmented (derived) three letter verbs.
  • LQ Toronto: An excellent website with a wealth of resources for Arabic learning.
  • Dr. Abdur Rahim’s Blog: Dr. Abdur Rahim, whose books we are using in our class, has a blog where he discusses various aspects of the language.
  • Tanzil Qur’an Navigator: An excellent site to search through Qur’an and to see various translations.
  • Bayan Quran: A great mushaf and Qur’an App