Class Regulations

All students must maintain a strict discipline in the class. Any activities, which negatively affect the learning atmosphere of the class, are strictly prohibited. These include, but not limited to, speaking loudly with each other, addressing the class without the teacher’s permission, making unnecessary noise, arguing etc.

Everyone must ensure proper care for the facilities including the furniture, food stalls and washrooms. All facilities must be kept clean and in the same or better state than received before the class.

Parking is permitted in designated areas only.

Children under the age of 15 years are not permitted in the class.

Everyone must exit the building in the event of fire alarm or fire drill and remain outside until the appropriate authority gives the permission to re-enter the building.

All aisles, hallways, stairways and exits in the building must be kept free from obstruction at all times.

Students are not permitted to operate, adjust or interfere with electrical or mechanical equipment present on the premises.

No one shall bring or retain in the class, any products or materials which may pose a fire risk or conflict with the regulations of the Fire Dept. or the Public Health Dept.

No smoking is allowed in any part of the building.

Everyone must conform to all applicable government by-laws and regulations and shall not carry on any activities which may be deemed a nuisance or of any unlawful nature.

No one shall carry on any discriminatory activities, distribute, post or display symbols or emblems that suggest supremacy or incite hatred or violence or make offensive comments on the masjid property which contravene the masjid regulations, and Human Right Policy, #51, the Ontario Human Rights Code or any other relevant legislation.

No one shall conduct any business activity by selling or marketing any product or service, in or around the class.

Everyone must follow standards consistent with the Provincial Code of Conduct.

Class Regulations (PDF Version)